Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This Little Boy of Mine

My little man and I have been getting to spend a lot of time together lately, well, we always do (such an incredible blessing), but lately is has been a lot of JUST us time. While I look forward to more adult interaction, I am also cherishing every single moment I have with this sweet, sweet boy.

He has stolen my heart over and over again. Even on the most challenging days, I am amazed at how much my entire being LOVES him.

From the moment I found out I was pregnant...

To the first time I held him in my arms...

To today...

My love for him has grown in ways and to depths that I never could have imagined. A mother's love is certainly one of the most powerful things on earth.

I LOVE the gift of motherhood with all its ups and downs, with all its challenges and victories, and with all the heartache and joy. And I love how it has revealed God's love for me in a new, different and very powerful way, sometimes it is still beyond my comprehension.

I desperately want my son to know how much I love him. To understand that no matter what he does or who he becomes, he will always be my baby boy and there is NOTHING that could make me love him less. Of course, I want him to choose the right things and to avoid as much hurt and pain as possible, but regardless, my love for him remains the same.

I know God's love for us is that and so much more, and I know that He desperately wants His children to understand the love that He has for them.

Today I am thankful for the ways that He has revealed His love towards me and I pray that I will continue to not only understand His love, but to accept it as well.


  1. Well said, mama! :) It's been so much fun watching him grow! :)

  2. I can't believe how BIG he is getting!

  3. Yay! I love that you are blotting. What a beautiful post. Love your sweet Mommy's heart, love you!