Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I know, I just wrote about Elijah yesterday, but I have been thinking about all the things he is currently doing/saying; I am fascinated and I don't want to forget them, what better way to remember than to write them down?

(this post is partly just for my benefit so it might get a bit lengthy - feel free to stop reading whenever...haha)

One of my favorite things that he does right now: he will randomly come up to give me or Ethan (daddy) a hug - usually around one of our legs - it is just so sweet! He has also been reaching for our hands when we are walking side by side - love it!

 He is SUPER friendly (most of the time) and he LOVES to interact with other people (adults and children). Sometimes he just bursts out in laughter to try to get their attention. And when we are walking down the street he will wave to all the cars passing by. When people respond his eyes sparkle and he gives a smile that lights up the entire room.

It brings me joy to see how his little smile and personality can make even a complete stranger's day!

He has always been an incredible sleeper (PRAISE THE LORD), but lately, he has literally been asking to go to bed, he says, "ni-nite? ni-nite?" and points to his bed, sometimes he even tries to climb in to his bed. At times this happens way before bedtime and I have to find ways to keep him awake a little longer so he doesn't end up waking up at the crack of dawn.

He has been learning a lot of new words and phrases, I just LOVE hearing him talk - even when it is just jibber jabber. One of his favorite phrases is, "Oh, no!" - sometimes he will say it over and over again for no apparent reason. Another favorite word/phrase of his is, "dip-it, dip-it" (he LOVES dipping any and all food in to whatever sauce is available), but he usually runs the words together so it comes out more like "bi-ta, bi-ta, bi-ta, bi-ta". And he will literally keep repeating it until you respond. Oh the persistence of toddlers.

His most favorite word as of late, is the infamous "no". It is often not so cute, but many times when he chooses to say it and the way he says it makes it almost impossible not to laugh.

These are from last year, but today is Halloween so that's my justification :)

There are also a handful of things he does right now that I am not very fond of at all.

For example, throwing himself or other items on the ground if he doesn't get his way.  I mean, how did he learn this?? I know, despite our many flaws and outbursts of anger or frustration, we do not throw items and especially not ourselves on the ground in a fit... haha!

Another not so great trait of this particular stage is his eating, or lack thereof - sometimes it seems like he literally won't eat anything; obviously, this is not entirely true, but sometimes it feels like such a battle.

My hope is in knowing that these too shall pass and my desire is to focus on remembering the good things (without forgetting the not so good things since we will be having more children and I need to be aware of the good and bad...)

That is all for now (although, I am sure I could keep going), more on mommy-hood later :)


  1. This is definitely a fun stage and we are there with ya with the eating issues. I sometimes wonder how Alethea survives with what she eats some days, lol!

  2. I love your blog! It is uber cute!! And Elijah is such a sweetie. It's going to be so exciting how the next one turns out. And I totally understand how it feels when they pitch a fit. Makai is so stubborn like me!! Keep the posts comin'!

  3. How did I not comment on this?!
    I LOVE your boy and you!! Wish I could see all of the fun things he's learning! You are one awesome mom!! He's very blessed to have you (that's what you can tell him when he throws himself on the floor... "Elijah, you should stop, because you're very blessed to have me"!