Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm Back...

Well, it is a New Year - Happy New Year! Hope you all thoroughly enjoyed the Holidays.

One of the new things I want to try this year is to blog more regularly. This may be difficult for me and the posts may not be anything profound or even important, but it is a goal. And hopefully some of you will enjoy this journey with me.

Lately, I have been sitting down with every intention of writing - multiple times in the last couple months - and as you can see I have not successfully typed even one word. Maybe, it is because so much has been going on, I can't seem to gather my thoughts enough to share them coherently. Maybe, it is because nothing hugely significant has been happening and the rest doesn't seem post worthy. As a dear friend of mine (Chelsie) put it, I often can't decide weather to write about something serious (a heart matter) or something mundane (day to day happenings) and I often second guess myself which obviously leads to complete inaction...ha! Anyway, my goal is to be better, even just as an exercise for myself. So here goes...


1) Elijah and I got to spend a whole month in Arkansas with my amazing sister and her sweet family while Ethan was doing some training in Mississippi.

2) We found out that baby #2 is 90% sure a GIRL! We both thought it was a girl, so we are inclined to agree with that 90% chance that it is a girl, and since we already have boy stuff we will be okay if we end up being surprised at the birth. Of course, we will be ecstatic either way and we have names picked out for both. GIRL: Makayla Grace BOY: Ethan Noah (we would call him Noah)

3) We had a wonderfully, lovely & very blessed Christmas even though it was just the three of us celebrating this year.

4) We were surprised with the visit from some of our loveliest and dearest friends of all times - Sarah and Billy Rogers and their sweet baby boy Liam. Such an incredibly fun treat! I was too wrapped up in enjoying them to think about snapping pictures but here is an older one...and soon we will both have another little one added to our families - congrats Sarah & Billy!!!

5) We were blessed with the opportunity to visit some family in Hollister, California - the lovely Francis family! Again, I didn't think to snap a picture, but, trust me, we had a GREAT time ;)

6) We got a second husband is a very happy man!

I am sure I am forgetting something, but I will be posting more regularly so I will fill you in if I remember :)

What has been happening in your lives lately??


  1. So much fun! I am glad you decided to blog about all your happenings. Minimal as they seem to you, they are still fun to read about. :-)

  2. These pictures are so great! THere is so much joy in all your smiles! I'm so glad you decided to post. I am such a procrastinator so this encourages me to write another one. I love you and miss you lots. Give Elijah love for me.

  3. Yay - I love "everyday happenings" :)
    A few things:
    1. You are such a hot preggo-mama!! Love the red Christmas dress!
    2. LOVE the names. And so excited for Baby GIRL...altho now that you shared the names I almost want it to be a boy too b/c I love the name Noah. Are they sure there aren't twins in there b/c that could be handy?!
    3. Ethan's new ride is very fun and Mike hasn't seen these pics but I'm pretty sure he would suggest a sidecar for you to go with it!!

    Miss you guys and hope you're enjoying Cali!!!