Friday, February 22, 2013

Some Pictures

Here are the promised pictures and an update from our birthday/homecoming/valentine's day celebration last weekend:

Elijah intently working on the artwork for Daddy's Happy Birthday sign - the balloons say Happy Birthday - but you can't really see it...And don't judge my welcome home sign too harshly - I don't claim to be artistic, but Elijah was "helping" me so there are quite a few mistakes - so worth having his help though ;)

 Again, not the most artistic or creative, but it was fun, colorful and celebratory nonetheless, and I was working on a short time frame :) I know, excuses, excuses - haha!

 The desserts and Valentine's Day goodies - all of which turned out to be a success and quite yummy - yay!!

Our "fancy" table (we use our little table a lot because it is less work to set/clean and it is more fun for just the three of us sometimes) and dinner. And my amazing, handsome husband.

Everything turned out well - it was a fun, relaxing evening and we were SO very happy to have daddy home! We don't do so well without him!

We were then blessed with a wonderful weekend. Appointment for baby #2 on Friday (everything is on track and looks good), Chick-fil-a picnic at the beach on Saturday, Harlem Globetrotters in L.A. on Sunday and PF Changs in the Beverly Center for dinner. Then Ethan had the day off on Monday - Yay! So we bought a new washing machine (sad that our old one died - but thankful we were able to get a new one - new things are always exciting). Then some quality family time at the park playing with Elijah and a restful evening at home. God is good to us and we are blessed by this life He has given. There are definitely tough times, but I love making memories and cherishing the moments - big and small.

Poor little guy was so worn out after the show (which was right during nap time) he fell asleep like this just minutes after getting in the car - haha!

Thank you all for stopping by - hope you have a LOVELY weekend!

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  1. Love all the pictures and you did a great job of decorating and making fun things for Ethans homecoming-Val Day-Birthday celebration!! Being the "most artistic/creative" isn't important...we dont all have to perfect pinterest ideas! Sometimes the best is what we have on hand that makes it so the love we want to show comes thru but that we still get to do what's most important....spend TIME with our families! So good job mama! Plus, you always make yummy and pretty dinners!
    Hope you are having a fantastic week. And can I just say that I can't wait to see pics of that little girl of yours very soon!!! I'm dying waiting over here and wishing we lived there to see here right away! BIG HUGS!!